H M Diwan Eye Foundation
58 Bankim Mukherjee Sarani
Kolkata 700053
Phone 6291540070
info@hmdef.org | www.hmdef.org

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H M Diwan Eye Foundation is a not-for-profit trust registered under the Indian Trusts Act. This trust was setup by the family of Late H M Diwan.
Mission statement

To setup and run medical establishments providing free or subsidized care to the community, increasing its knowledge and awareness of health and diseases, developing human resources and contributing to human knowledge.

Vision statement

To permeate the entire community with availability of health care facilities, with a focus on eye care, which will provide inclusive comprehensive care, so that nobody is denied medical care for want of money.

These principles are enshrined in the trust as follows:
  1. The purpose of this trust is to further the cause of medical care for the community with special focus on eye care
  2. The trust shall try to provide as much free or subsidized medical care as possible
  3. Development of human resources, in the form of all employees of the trust’s hospital(s), including but not limited to, doctors and other professionals, shall be a focus area of the trust
  4. The trust will further medical education and promote contribution to human knowledge by promoting research, publication and innovation, original development of equipment and techniques pertaining to health care in all aspects
  5. Education of the community and raising its awareness will also be one of the areas of activities of the trust