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Kolkata 700053
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  Operation theatres  
 HMDEF has the latest technology in its operating theatres. With a separate air handling unit (AHU) for each of its OTs and a modular construction giving seamless walls and floors, our OTs are amongst the safest in the country. Conforming to class 10,000 clean room standards, these OTs, with their AHUs and Laminar Air Flow hoods (LAF) ensure a constant bacteria-free environment irrespective of OT load (number of surgeries per day).
In addition a strict microbiologic surveillance protocol ensures higher than industry standard infection control measures.

The OT complex also has emergency resuscitation equipment and anaesthesia workstations, ventilators and de-fibrillators to handle even the most unlikely of incidents.
All surgeries are done under supervision of an anaesthesiologist.