H M Diwan Eye Foundation
58 Bankim Mukherjee Sarani
Kolkata 700053
Phone 6291540070
info@hmdef.org | www.hmdef.org

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Retina services  
 HM Diwan eye foundation has state of the art modern equipment’s for diagnosing and treating various retinal diseases. Our hospital is equipped to handle all forms of retinal surgeries and emergencies related to retina. Modern diagnostic modality like the latest OCT machine, fundus fluorescein angiography are readily available. All forms of laser treatment for treating retinal diseases is present in the hospital. Sutureless retinal surgery to treat retinal detachment, vitreous hemorrhage( bleeding inside the eye), and other retinal pathology is performed regularly . Hospital has the latest machine for retinal surgery which greatly reduces the time to operate and also helps in early visual rehabilitation. For information about common retinal disease click here