H M Diwan Eye Foundation
58 Bankim Mukherjee Sarani
Kolkata 700053
Phone 6291540070
info@hmdef.org | www.hmdef.org

  Let there be light ...  
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H M Diwan Eye Foundation is Registered under the Indian Trusts Act and has 80G exemption under the IT Act    
Contact person    
Shri Ashok Kumar Chaudhary
Secretary of the Trust & CEO
Email & website    
info@hmdef.org / Secretary@hmdef.org / chairman@hmdef.org  | http://www.hmdef.org    
Postal address    
58 Bankim Mukherjee Sarani
New Alipore
Kolkata 700053
Phone lines    
Appointments: 6291540070
Registered office    
3A Gangadhar Road
Kolkata 700023
GST Number